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Solibri is a software company developing online tools for the construction industry. Solibri works with architects and construction companies to save time, money and the environment.

We were commissioned to build a brand platform to support Solibri's global expansion.

Agency Leroy Case Solibri Macbook
Solibri - quote mission vision statement
Agency Leroy Solibri - desk equipment
Solibri - magazine spreads

Solibri Journal

As part of the brand renewal, we created a storytelling journal which focuses on customer experiences and the latest developments within the industry. Discover the Solibri journal case here.

Agency Leroy Case Solibri - website elements
Agency Leroy Case Solibri - icons
Agency Leroy Case Solibri - app application shown in apple iphone
Agency Leroy Case Solibri - screen dumps of mobile application

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