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Turning timelessness into a contemporary e-commerce experience

Timeless aesthetics

The Samuji story

Samuji’s first ready-to-wear line was launched in 2011, fuelled by an ambition to produce sustainable and timeless designs with a story. Since then, the Finnish fashion house has won the hearts of the international fashion community with its attention to detail, quality fabrics and understated and functional, yet elegant aesthetic characteristic to Nordic visuality. 

Samuji Webshop | Shopping Layout

Turning timelessness into a contemporary experience e-commerce

In 2017, Samuji’s webshop lagged behind, even though the brand itself was moving at lightning speed. That’s why we took on the task of turning the brand’s web shop into an understated, yet distinctly elegant and discreetly luxurious space. We migrated the Samuji web shop from Spree Commerce to Shopify to elevate the shopping experience into one that matches the brand’s look and feel. The previous webshop was created before responsive websites were the norm, and was thus missing many features that are standard today. That’s why our primary goal was to enable a great customer experience for all visitors, regardless of the device they are using. By choosing Shopify, we gained access to a huge amount of inbuilt features for making both the administrator’s and the customers’ experience pleasant and efficient.

Samuji Webshop | Shopping Layout Mobile

Tailored process

Built on Shopify

Such a change of platform updated Samuji into modern age — one in which any webshop’s most valuable currency is the shop’s performance itself — with optimised page load times and easy access for both the administrator and the end customer. This makes order and product management easier, provides great reporting and analytics tools, and enables built-in integration with social media platforms, as well as built-in marketing automation functionalities. Paying for the garment of your dreams is made easier through multiple payment options, a mobile-optimised webshop, increased performance and a familiar, easy-to-use checkout process. 

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