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Inspired by architecture

New identity for Helsinki based architect studio Lahdelma & Mahlamäki. Long-term architectural partners Ilmari Lahdelma and Rainer Mahlamäki founded LMa in 1997. Over the years the studio has become synonymous with high-quality, socially aware design, and renowned for its deep understanding of the impact of history, location and the human touch.

LM Architecs | Ilmari Lahdelma at work
LM Architects | Monogram

Custom typeface

The visual identity for LM Architects is strongly based on its custom typeface. It carries their conceptual thinking—their aesthetic—side by side with images of their works, and when all other forms of representation come short. Discover the creative process behind the custom typeface here.

LM Architects | Custome Type Font Sample
LM Architects | Team at Work

Digital presence

Discover 20 years of work, together with the latest studio updates at ark-l-m.fi.

LM Architects | Design Moodboard
LM Architects | Visionary Portraits
LM Architects | Custom Type Face Overview

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