Re-positioning law firm Krogerus light years ahead of the competition


Case in brief

Krogerus is one of Finland's leading law firms with offices in three major cities, employing almost 200 people. Shaping the new brand identity for Krogerus was both an exciting challenge and a huge honour.

During the past decade, Krogerus has grown tremendously and built a committed and loyal team of lawyers, assistants and people constantly developing the business services. Thow a unique company culture was in place – the appearance of the firm felt inadequate. Together we set out to re-position Krogerus light years ahead of the pinstriped or grey mass called the competition.


The process

Collaboration is king

To succeed in this massive project we decided to involve the whole staff in shaping the essence of the company. This collaborative approach paid off as all creative efforts got rooted deep in the company culture from the get-go.


What we wanted to capture in the brand identity was the creative mindset of everyone working at Krogerus. The creativity involved whenever solving problems for customers.

Building the visual identity involved collaborating with visual artist Ilari Hautamäki to create a set of unique paintings to express this unique company culture. To tie things up – and visualise the more official side of the industry – we created a no-nonsense typographic style to balance the more expressive side of the brand. This strict side represents law and order, a visual representation of the efficient and solutions-driven attitude rooted deeply in the culture.


The project covered all aspects of the brand – from defining the personality to creating the visuality of all brand expressions. Once the identity was in place we set out to re-built the whole digital presence of the company from the ground up. This project included an extensive content management system, layout templates and guidelines for all digital channels and social media.


Working with these fearless pioneers of business law was a true joy. Hats off for the courage, vision and decisiveness.

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