Iittala Journal No. 3

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Iittala Journal

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Iittala Journal is the creative manifestation of the brand's core values. In the third issue, we explored new ways of caring for both the people and the world around us.


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Photographed somewhere in Italy for a reflection on The Beauty of Impracticality.


The journal is an optimistic yet critical glance at the future. Based on the values of Nordic Living, it stands as a platform to question, consider and change, envisioning new directions. The annual edition of the journal, sets the standard for the brand communication of tomorrow.


Iittala journal #3

From ecosystem to ecosystem

On this third issue, we toast to growth and question the things we take as given. We reflect on the concept of convenience, observe ever changing landscapes, share small deeds and bouquet tips. We quietly move towards a new direction, building communities and caring for the world around us.


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