Iittala Journal No. 2

A platform for engagement & idea exploration

Iittala Journal

Creative direction & content creation

Iittala Journal is the creative manifestation of the brand's core values. In the second issue we looked into empathy, belonging and sisu as the meanders of progressive Nordic living.

Iittala Journal No. 2 | Final Cover

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Ingredients for the colour red by Wang & Söderström.

Iittala Journal No. 2 | Index

The concept of the journal is displaying the true spirit of pioneership through creative collaborations of various sorts. A mix of stories stemming from the brand heritage and stories tapping into the direction of the future. The journal works as a platform for engagement and idea exploration, setting the standard for the brand communication of tomorrow.

Iittala Journal No. 2 | Wang & Soderstrom
Iittala Journal No. 2 | Unnatural Synthesis
Iittala Journal No. 2 | Inspiration

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