A cleaner’s toolbox fit for a modern brand

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Squeaky clean

The next big thing

Freska is a Helsinki based company that offers home cleaning services in Finland, Sweden and Norway. With over 500 employees and counting spread across Scandinavia, it is a fast-growing and dynamic community that aims to revolutionise not only the way we see home cleaning but also the way we see work and happiness. 

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A clean slate

From service-centric communication towards holistic storytelling

We quickly established that Freska was only as strong as its people. As it is a company built on a people-centric culture, it felt natural to highlight the individuals who make it all happen: the people of Freska. In essence, we didn’t only work with the brand’s visuality or marketing assets, but we also switched lenses and implemented a new way of thinking and communicating. This approach bled into everything we touched, from the website to all marketing communications.

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Towards a cleaner world

A toolbox fit for a modern brand

The brand’s core — the company’s people — is visible in videos and imagery. The brand's visual identity is a mere tool that brings forth Freska’s varied staff. Instead of talking about the service, we directed the conversation towards the company’s cleaners’ and office staff’s unique stories. In addition to uncovering Freska’s unique voice and story, we also needed to find ways to tackle issues related to the cleaning industry, riddled with problems from fair working conditions and pay to a less-than-spotless image.

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Truth About Cleaners

A toolbox fit for a modern brand

We started the process with Truth About Cleaners, a campaign based on candid and unscripted videos in which cleaners answered awkward and embarrassing questions about their profession. In addition to generating a great conversion rate, the campaign kickstarted a new way of talking about the cleaning industry and its problems. The campaign was followed by several marketing manoeuvres that happened in tandem with the launch of Freska’s new website in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Ongoing projects include strategy work, as well as creating social media content, storytelling and tailored imagery.


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