Building an e-commerce experience as smooth as egyptian cotton


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Finlayson is anything but ordinary. This Finnish interior textile lifestyle brand hates the word ‘lifestyle’. In addition to creating products, Finlayson makes huge promises and goes to extremes to deliver on them. Respect.



Webshop Redesign on Shopify

Helping Finlayson rebuild their e-commerce site on top of Shopify was a true joy. With a process rooted in a solid offering, a clear vision, and a dedicated team, collaboration was smooth as Egyptian cotton. When we started the project, what we encountered when looking under the hood of this e-commerce site was a mess — albeit a beautiful, efficient and functioning one built one add-on plugin at a time. Every element was glued together with snippet after snippet of code — a classic house of cards.


The transformation we set out to create was based on intelligence gathered over a long period. These learnings were put into use as we built the new shop from scratch. Everything was planned down to the tiniest detail to ensure a flawless transition just in time for the business-critical pre-Christmas season.


A meticulous process resulted in a tangible difference. A new, better user experience was reflected in a conversion rate that grew by 45 per cent. As the webshop itself became more inspirational, visitors spent a whopping 14 per cent longer on the site, compared to how long they lingered in the old shop. With a few tweaks, re-imaginations and a little magic, Finlayson is now ready for the future.

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