Book-keeping on the fly

Bezala is your automated expense claims secretary app. Just snap, describe, send and let your suffering come to an end.

We were commissioned to elevate the complete customer experience of Bezala to match the ambitious goals of the company. We have developed everything ranging from the brand identity to user interface and customer journeys throughout all touch points. 

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To create the complete brand platform with a unified customer experience, we dove deep into the needs and wishes of the existing customer base, in order to enhance the experience and further align it with potential users. 

The creative process was done in tight collaboration with the client. Read the complete story of the development as told by our CTO Maik Kuntze.

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Solid results

1000% growth

A continuous implementation of new features improved ease-of-use, combined with an awareness campaign enabled a growth in customer base from 500 to 5000 daily users in the first three months.

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