The amazing year in review

Janne Hänninen
Team Agency Leroy Agency of the Year 2018

What a year it has been.

Our team has grown both in size and capabilities. On parts we have had to grow up – yet staying true to our hungry and youthful curiosity. We have invested a lot of time and effort in building a creative culture to support our mission of making the world just a tad bit better every day.

We have had the honour to work with iconic design brands such as Iittala and Nikari. We have helped startups get noticed and old giants become relevant to new audiences. We have boosted sales, built brand loyalty and had lots of fun doing so.

We have seen the clear shift in the needs of our clients. A shift towards meeting the needs of the end users better. A shift from products to services. Last year we have built more apps and digital touchpoints than during the existence of our agency in total.

Adjusting the way things are designed to match the new needs has brought with it new agile methods, rapid prototyping and quick results. The degree of collaboration has expanded and we now work in closer collaboration with our clients than ever before.

And now this: receiving recognition as the design agency of the year – what an honor. All the hard work and persistence put in pursuing our dreams receives recognition.

I’m so proud of our team, whom has made this possible. All that sweat and tears. The hours put into making our wildest dreams come true. Hats off.

It is with great enthusiasm I look forward to the coming year. A curiosity for what lies ahead – both in potential collaborations and clients – not to mention all the surprises that might lie ahead on the path of technological development.

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