Setting the ground for blooming

Janne Hänninen
Agencyleroy Katriniskanen 001

Sometimes, designing or redesigning a brand can feel a lot like preparing seeds for germination. The process of clarifying concepts, grooming roots and laying out new ground for substantial growth stands on creating toolsets & guidelines for future implementation.

This is why I love looking back at brands which have taken off in clear new directions after having gone through this process in close collaboration with us. It is a joy to see how design frameworks translate into daily marketing, communication and brand activities, and the activities of the people behind them.

Finnish fashion designer Katri Niskanen is a great example of such a successful implementation. From the start, Katri’s brand voice and core concept were clear, although lacking in tools to effectively address a diversified fanbase. To tackle this issue, we helped Katri develop a new logotype and collateral material, laying the ground for an aesthetic mood which seamlessly supports the brand’s true creative spirit and ethos, without over addressing its core products. This strategy became particularly evident in communication through social media channels, particularly on Instagram.

The ways in which Katri Niskanen's team pushed the new brand forward is of immense value, as brand guidelines have been put into elegant use and have grown into their narrative organically. At a risk of sounding nostalgic, each time I encounter any of their brand expressions, I remember our initial discussions around the unique sense of style the designs represent, reminiscing that all that required was setting a few small tweaks in order to start a spark which prepared the brand to encounter the world a tad more confident than before.

Take a look at the full case here. All images by Katri Niskanen's team.

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