Vanha Kauppahalli

Building upon over 125 years of heritage to create a fresh, 21st century look for the Old Market Hall in Helsinki.

When the oldest Market Hall in Helsinki, established in 1888, was closed for restoration we had the chance to refresh its entire look. Working closely with the The National Board of Antiquities and the City of Helsinki, we wanted to showcase the original look of the interior of the hall as well as communicate that the hall was back in business.

Agencyleroy Vanha Kauppahalli 225
Agencyleroy Vanha Kauppahalli 229
Agencyleroy Vanha Kauppahalli 227
Agencyleroy Vanha Kauppahalli 223
Agencyleroy Vanha Kauppahalli 232

By studying old photographs of the original hand-painted signs in the interior, we created a new typeface. Then we produced new wooden signs, in the original colours using wood cut and customized typography. All the signs, both inside and outside of the hall were changed. We also produced stickers, bags, wrapping paper and other items, to create a unified visual look for the merchants within the hall.

Agencyleroy Vanha Kauppahalli 217
Agency Leroy Kauppahalli 007

Creating the marketing campaign for Kauppahalli involved shooting and styling our largest food photo ever, a 6-meter long table, filled with tasty goodies representing all the produce sold in the market hall.

Agencyleroy Vanha Kauppahalli 222
Agencyleroy Vanha Kauppahalli 230

To generate a buzz and highlight the new look of the Old Market Hall, we collaborated with Helsinki Wholesale Food Market to publish a magazine for the hall called 1888. Within it we featured the merchants and their amazing displays of fresh food.