Developing a compelling story through creative direction for a unique Scandinavian food destination.

Chef Michael Björklund approached us with a bold vision for creating a Scandinavian food centre, in the picturesque surroundings of Kastelholm Castle on the Åland Islands. We were bowled over by his burning ambition and the scale of the project, which was, on every level, unprecedented.

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We created a comprehensive brand platform that transformed Chef Björklund’s vivid visions into a range of high-class print collateral, food and beverage packaging, a digital presence and custom publishing. We also designed the complete experience for Michael’s Village of Tasty Treats.

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Smakbyn opened its doors just before Christmas 2013. In the first twelve months, nearly 50 000 people had visited it. By the beginning of summer 2014, 15 000 magazines had been distributed. Since its release, The Smakbyn Times has attracted an international following, won the highest national award in advertising and become a well-respected food publication.

You can flick through Smakby Times here

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