Music Finland

Music Finland promotes all genres of Finnish music both domestically and worldwide. This involves working with a huge range of different artists to create publications and promotional recordings.

We have been collaborating with Music Finland since 2011, working on capturing the image of Finnish sound.

Agencyleroy Music Finland 044

We set out to design a dynamic and flexible graphic profile that would suit all communication ranging from classical music to avant-garde electronic tunes. The design is based upon a custom typeface and a tight grid combined with imagery supporting the musical genre in question. The result, Music Finland Sans, is a custom typeface. It’s a new take on Futura and was designed in collaboration with Type Designer Tomi Haaparanta.

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Agencyleroy Musicfinland Jesse Auersalo
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Agencyleroy Musicfinland Santtu Mustonen

Creating visuals for various events and publications we have had the joy to collaborate with talented illustrators such as Jesse Auersalo & Santtu Mustonen.