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I want to change the world. Technology enables us to try out new ideas and business models in unprecedented ways. Why not start today?

Niklas Schröder
Head of Technology

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User Experience is at the core of modern business. Interacting with the software layer with any company is the way to go about. I’m passionate about creating results for our customers.

Martin Stigzelius
Head of UX

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Customer success is at the core of what we do. We’re intensely focused on creating value, and that value is created throught better teamwork and common goals. I’m in it to help crystallize this.

Rickard Lindgren
Head of Production


Brands need to innovate. Our mission is to be the facilitator for future growth and boost ways of achieving it. Our means is to become the best and most connected in the business of consulting, creative direction, design leadership and digital marketing in order to work with companies that execute in ways that are unprecedented.

We believe in a digitally-inclined brand transformation model. At the core of our offering we have custom service creation, rapid prototyping and a full-stack approach in solving our customers problems.

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